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Required Equipment:

NOTE: Many of these items initially used by the German Army in WWII were re-used by post-war East Germans, West Germans, Swiss, Swedish, Finnish and other European armies. Yes, even Israel used and copied WWII German equipment. Please confirm purchases with one of our unit personnel before spending money on something that may look completely wrong.


Original Uniform Examples and Resources:

Circa-1938 Austrio-German Gebirgsjäger Wool Uniform
Circa-1944 Austrio-German Gebirgsjäger Tropical Uniform

Links to Rank Structure, Decorations and Insignia
used by Austrio-German Gebirgsjäger Divisions (WWII Era):

Rank Devices
Cap-mounted Insignia
Tunic-mounted Insignia
Service Medals and Cuff Titles
Awards & Ribbons
Branch Colors (Waffenfarben)

Special thanks to:
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U.S. War Department Handbook on German Military Forces


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