Cap-mounted Insignia

used by Austrio-German Gebirgsjäger Divisions

World War II Era


Cap-mounted Insignia


Worn at the front and center cockade of the M-43 or Bergmütze

Cap Eagle
Standard Gebirgsjäger T-Eagle
Tropical T-Eagle
Tropical T-Eagle

Edelweiss Pin

Worn on the left flap of the of the M-43 or Bergmütze over the left ear

Correct Edelweiss
Correct WWII Edelweiss
Incorrect Edelweiss
INCORRECT Post-War Edelweiss

The Edelweiss is the National Flower of Austria and is the adopted symbol of the Austrian Mountain Divisions, as well as German Mountain Divisions. The pins displayed above are shown next to each other as a comparison between the correct WWII-version Edelweiss (on the left) which was instituted and issued May 2, 1939, and the incorrect Post-War version used by the West German Mountain Units (on the right). Note the curved stem and reversed leaf pattern. Several eBay dealers have attempted to sell the kind on the right as authentic WWII originals. THEY ARE LYING! The coloring on the Post-War version is a bit extreme, and should not be counted on as a good give-away. The stem and detailing, however, are the best way to determine authenticity. Most correct Edelweiss pins also have a "GB41" maker's stamp on the underside. For those of you who don't believe this, here's one of many thousands of photos which show a proper Edelweiss. Note the proper straight stem and leaf configuration.

Gebirg Photo

Austrians, as a side note, also wore a piece of dark green felt or wool under the pin, denoting their national heritage, shown below:

Austrian Edelweiss Pin


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