Branch Colors (Waffenfarben)

used by Austrio-German Gebirgsjäger Divisions

World War II Era


General Guide to Service Branch Colors (Waffenfarben)

These colors are used to denote branches of service in the German Army.
They are displayed on both the shoulderboard piping and in the embroidery of of the litzen (collar tabs).

Coloring Color Designation Branch of Service
  Black Engineers (Pioneers)
  Crimson - Bordeaux Smoke Units
  Red Artillery and Generals
  Orange-Red Military Police
  Copper-Brown Motorized Recon
  Gold-Yellow Cavalry and Horse Recon
  Lemon-Yellow Signals
  Light Green Gebirgsjäger, Skijäger, Jäger and Motor-Infantry
  Grass Green Motorcycles (1938-1942)
Note: Grass Green also seems to have been
 used interchangably for Jäger-style units,
 specifically later in the war
  Light Blue Transportation and Supply
  Cornflower Blue Medical and Late War Administrative
  Purple Chaplain
  Rose Pink Panzer
  Carmine Veterinarian and General Staff
  Light Gray Army Aviation
  White Infantry


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