Remaining Members
of SEAL Team Five

                  Name: Angus MacDonald
                  Rank: Major
            Assignment: USS Spectre/SEAL Team 5
              Position: Second-in-Command
         Serial Number: SQ213498-377G
      Planet of Origin: Caldos - Glencoe Province
Year of Indoctrination: 2346
      Years of Service: 27
        Current Status: Missing in Action - Presumed Dead
           Decorations: Gold Cluster of Orion
                        Order of St. Andrew
      Campaign Ribbons: Wolf 359
                        Battle of Setlik III
                        Krios Insurgency (Klingon)

                  Name: Jerome MacBeth
                  Rank: First Lieutenant
            Assignment: USS Spectre/SEAL Team 5
              Position: Third-in-Command
         Serial Number: SQ893298-213H
      Planet of Origin: Caldos - Islay Province
Year of Indoctrination: 2366
      Years of Service: 7
        Current Status: Active Duty
      Campaign Ribbons: Wolf 359 (Honors)

                  Name: David Phillips
                  Rank: Captain
            Assignment: USS Spectre
              Position: Commanding Officer of USS Spectre
         Serial Number: SC3928-832198
      Planet of Origin: Sol III - Old United States - Virginia
Year of Indoctrination: 2352
      Years of Service: 21
        Current Status: Active Duty