Welcome to the homepage for Starfleet SEAL Team Five - a division of Starfleet Special Warfare. Dedicated to the keeping of the peace within and without the boundaries of the United Federation of Planets, against all enemies foreign and domestic, by any means necessary.

Founded in 2281 by Grand Admiral Stephen Turner, our charter is one of pure offensive and defensive posturing and capabilities. Like our United States Navy SEAL bretheren of 20th century Earth, we pledge to dedicate our lives to the preservation of the tenants and ideals of the Federation, no matter what the cost.

After the incident at Wolf 359 on stardate 44000.8 (2367 A.D. old Earth calendar), our existence as an entity within the military structure of Starfleet was made public, due to an unfortunate incident on the attacking Borg cube. Many of our brothers-in-arms needlessly lost their lives on that day as the result of a severe breakdown in communication in the chain of command.

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