The First Fleet

Battlestar Atlantia - Nova Class Battlestar
Battlestar Columbia - Nova Class Battlestar
Battlestar Galactica - Nova Class Battlestar
Battlestar Pacifica - Nova Class Battlestar
Battlestar Solaria - Nova Class Battlestar

On their way to certain destruction, the remaining five Colonial Battlestars regroup one last time to comprise the rare and seldom-seen "First Fleet", the one Colonial Fleet which is reserved for all Battlestars and capital ships still in service for major diplomatic and combat missions. Ships missing from the fleet include the Battlestars Acropolis, Bellerophon, Cerberus, Olympia, Pegasus, Prometheus, and Rycon.

First Fleet Before


First Fleet After


Schematic Diagram for Nova Class Battlestar
Schematic Diagram for Pulsar Class Gunstar (I know it's not official, but I added my own design just for grins)

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