Starship Modeling Artwork

For almost 30 years, now, I've been building plastic model kits. Some were bought from a store, others were "kit-bashed" (models which cannot be found in stores, but built from parts of models that could).

I've seen many Star Trek-based home pages out there containing 100% digitally created 3-D models, so I decided to put my own little twist on it. I incorporated the best of both the analog and digital worlds to make these various images. Each image is broken down into three parts: (1) "Before" pictures (raw photographic footage), (2)"After" pictures (employing various digital remastering techniques on the original "Before" photographs), and (3)schematics of the vessels contained within the images, for those of you who want to get up-close & personal with the subject matter.

The long and the short of it is, "Forget not whence came thy inspiration!" (Thanks, Davey), keeping in touch with the roots of the original model-masters; the predecessors of the digital age. Model building is not dead! After all, look at ID4...

Star Trek
Spacedock Ships in Spacedock
Axanar Remembrance U.S.S. Axanar Remembrance
Targa II Targa II Warpshuttle: "The Admiral's Yacht"
Phoenix U.S.S. Phoenix
Asteroth Shadow in the Dark - I.S.S. Asteroth
Faceoff Face-Off
U.S.S. Richthofen U.S.S. Richthofen
Battlegroup Battle Group
U.S.S. Glen Coe U.S.S. Glen Coe
On the Eve of the Rite of Survival On the Eve of the Rite of Survival
The House of Data The House of Data
Battlestar Galactica
First Fleet The First Fleet
Narrow Escape A Narrow Escape
Battlestar Galactica Battlestar Galactica
Independence Day
Alien Attacker Alien Attacker

By popular demand, I have included larger versions of my Battlestar and Gunstar schematics for those of you out there who need some basis of building 3-D digital models of these ships. Hope they're helpful - let me know if you use them, I'd like to see how they turn out realised.
  • Battlestar Port Profile Elevation
  • Battlestar Starboard Profile Elevation
  • Battlestar Top View
  • Battlestar Bottom View
  • Battlestar Bow Elevation
  • Battlestar Stern Elevation
  • Gunstar Profile Elevation
  • Gunstar Top View
  • Gunstar Bottom View
  • Gunstar Bow Elevation
  • Gunstar Stern Elevation
  • Battlestar/Gunstar Starship Profile Comparison

    Special thanks to the following groups and people:
    Eric Kristiansen and the Jackill's Books
    Mastercom Data Center
    Thomas Sasser
    Andrew Probert

    Paramount Pictures, Inc.
    MCA/Universal City Studios, Inc.
    Industrial Light & Magic
    ITC Productions, Ltd.

    US Airfix


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