Docked at this Federation facility are two separate vessels, the I.K.V. Swordbeak-Attacks-At-Sunrise and the S.S. Miriam.

The I.K.V. Swordbeak-Attacks-At-Sunrise is a B'Rel class Klingon Bird-of-Prey Scout, and the Miriam is a neutral trading vessel stationed out of the Orion Triangle. Something to note for you sci-fi buffs, the Miriam is the very rare "Hawk Fighter" model of Space: 1999 fame (turned upside-down). It is the successor to the "Eagle Transport" in that particular universe.

Space Dock Before


Space Dock After


Schematic Diagram for I.K.V. Swordbeak-Attacks-At-Sunrise
Schematic Diagram for S.S. Miriam

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