Comet Empire
Comet Empire Capital Ships

Subclass Ship Name Source Official
Assault Landing Craft Transporter Bibliography Yes
Battlecruiser Relentless Bibliography No
Battleship Bringer Of Victory Bibliography Yes
Battleship Karakulum (2202) Bibliography Yes
Battleship Medaruusa Bibliography Yes
Battleship, Heavy Medusa (2202) Bibliography Yes
Battleship, Missile Gostalk (2202) Bibliography Yes
Carrier, Heavy Apocalix (2202) Bibliography Yes
Carrier, Single-Deck Hailstorm Bibliography Yes
Carrier, Single-Deck Attack Ravager Bibliography No
Carrier, Strike Nazca (2202) Bibliography Yes
Carrier, Twin-Deck Vengeful Bibliography Yes
Cruiser, Assault Lascaux (2202) Bibliography Yes
Cruiser, Attack Avenger Bibliography No
Cruiser, Attack Missile Variant Exterminator Bibliography No
Cruiser, Missile Exterminator Bibliography Yes
Deep Space Submarine Specter Bibliography No
Destroyer Storm Bibliography Yes
Destroyer, Assault Kukulcan (2202) Bibliography Yes
Dreadnaught Portent Of Darkness Bibliography Yes
Space Station Gatlantis Bibliography Yes
Space Station Gatlantis (2202) Bibliography Yes
Subspace Submarine Shadow Bibliography Yes
Subspace Submarine Tender Transporter Bibliography No
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