Dark Nebula
Official Dark Nebula Vessels

Subclass Ship Name Source Official
Autostar Goruba Bibliography Yes
Battleship Plaeides Bibliography Yes
Battleship, Heavy Glaudez Bibliography Yes
Bomb Hyperion Bibliography Yes
Carrier Harvester Bibliography Yes
Carrier, Medium Prax Bibliography Yes
Corvette Kojo Bibliography Yes
Cruiser, Heavy Strike Kileah Bibliography Yes
Cruiser, Light Strike Kilur Bibliography Yes
Frigate Defender Bibliography Yes
Heavy Factory Ship Zobak Bibliography Yes
Planetary Assault Ship Invader Bibliography Yes
Space Fortress Crystal Base Bibliography Yes
Battery Automated Orbital Bibliography Yes
Fighter, Reconnaisance Sark Bibliography Yes
Fighter, Superiority Grendyl Bibliography Yes
Fighter-Bomber Tymean Bibliography Yes
Gunship Tobin Bibliography Yes
Patrol Ship Triad Bibliography Yes
Recon Battlecraft Tobin Bibliography Yes
Shuttle Kealer Bibliography Yes
Shuttle Tobin Bibliography Yes
Found 22 matching vessels in the database.
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